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Adelaide City Library -
Realist gallery visualisation

Virtual Tour - 3d Visualisation - OHSW Consultant

The most ambitious project to date as part of my “innovator in residence” position at the Adelaide City Council at the Innovation Lab at the City Library just off Rundle Mall. I did a complete LiDAR scan of the library and made a 1:1 recreation of the library public spaces, including 3d modelling custom furniture and architecture .


To make this experience memorable, I invited artists from all over the world to be included in a virtual exhibition inside the virtual space. The result is an unforgettable experience that not only introduces VR to a wider audience, staring from the same point in the library the VR is run from further grounding the subject. My role also extended to training Adelaide City Council on VR in society, and also writing the OHSW documents for using VR in a shared environment.

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